The provision of Fulvic Acid in essential quantities helps to increase yield.
Benefits: Provides an organic source of plant nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Increases soil microbial life and organic matter breakdown. Aids in disease and insect suppression by producing healthier plants. Helps to improve soil structure and texture. Improves nutrient availability by enhancing soil microbial activity. Increases plant stress tolerance by increasing carbohydrate reverses in the plant. Reduces requirements of synthetic fertilizers.
You are choosing right type of fertilizer for your Plant, It is in safe hands now.

- Liquid solution promotes additional budding if applied as the plants are beginning to bud.
- It extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables if applied 10 days before harvesting.
- It can also be used as a rooting solution. Place cuttings in a solution of liquid seaweed and water until roots develop, then plant. When planting seeds or transplanting, water with the solution.
- Seaweed extract also boosts crop yields, improves resistance of plants to frost and disease, increases uptake of inorganic constituents from the soil, bolsters resistance to stress conditions and reduces storage losses of fruit.
- Liquid seaweed fertilizers (especially the alginates in the seaweed) act as soil conditioners.
- Improved yields after seaweed treatments were measured in potatoes, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, okra and oranges.

Method to Use: Spray, Drip, Direct
Mixing Ratio: Mix 10-15 ml PANCHSHEEL Liquid to 1 Lit Water, Stair properly. Apply to roots & foliar directly or with Sprayer.
For Better Result Repeat Application in 20-25 days Interval.
At Flowering Stage Make Dosage double.
Do normal watering of plants on other days. Plants will grow up greener, with more flowering. Keep bottom drain hole open for house plants, to prevent water logging. Roots need oxygen too. NOTICEABLE RESULTS ARE FAST - GENERALLY AFTER 3 WEEKS. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE - RESULTS SURELY COME.

Fulvic Acid Liquid Fertilizer

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